What we offer:

  • Lowest Price
  • Maximum Track Time (3 groups)
  • Maximum Safety
  • A professional team and organisation

What's included:
  • 3 or 4 days on track (depending on event)
  • Transport of your bike + gear + other necessities from Antwerp
  • Accommodation in a 3 or 4 star hotel (usually incl. breakfast)
  • Pitbox and transponder
  • Petrol service (at local prices)

  • Tyre service and purchase (Dunlop & Bridgestone)
  • Suspension expert
  • Professional photography
  • Private instruction (Neil Hodgson, Steve Plater, Andrew Pitt, …)

What is not included:
  • Your flights
  • Rental Car
You book online via THIS WEBSITE.
If you book via, the TRANSPORT from Antwerp is not included!!
At the time of your booking you will need to pay a €200 non-refundable deposit. We will send you an info pack a few weeks prior to the event. There you will be able to select the following options: non-rider pack (for partners, children, friends etc.), extra nights, single room, tyres, personal instruction.

Important notice for events in Spain, Portugal and Italy:
Next to your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC, from the Mutuality), you will need to provide an additional insurance for recreational track day riding. This is MANDATORY!! It will cover you in case you have bodily harm and need to be repatriated (ask your local insurance broker). Without this, you will not be allowed on track for your own safety and that of others.

A typical day's itinerary would be:
  • Registration at 7:30am
  • Full safety briefing 8:30
  • First of the three groups on track for 9:00 for sighting laps and session, followed by the other two groups.
  • Then all the separate groups in a 20 minute rotation until lunch time
  • Then more sessions in rotation up to the end of the day!
  • Lots of track time and lots of fun!

We use transponders on every bike. These are the best way of ensuring you have maximum fun and in the group best suited to your ability on the day. We fit all bikes with transponders in the morning and then after an early lunch, we make any changes as required to the groups before we restart for the next 4 hours of track fun.

When you book onto an event, what can you expect? Well firstly when you do book you will be asked a number of questions.
Firstly if you are a first time track day rider you will be required to wear for your first event a yellow fluorescent jacket. This is for your safety. It highlights to other riders that are in the slower group that this is your first time on a trackday. They will give you more time and space to ensure you have a great day.
However if you are a regular trackday rider we will ask you about your experience and the type of bike that you ride and then finally what group you would like to ride in. However we will reserve the right to move you before the event into another group depending on the requirement for the groups available.

After you have signed on for the day you will be required to attend a compulsory riders briefing which will explain to you the rules for the day. The briefing will also give you some useful tips and of course there will be a couple of light jokes to start your day. But the tone will be simple, there are rules that must be followed and they are there for your safety. If they are not followed you will only be given one warning, after that you will be asked to leave. Everyone's safety is paramount at FE and we do not tolerate any form of inconsiderate or dangerous riding. That is why people enjoy days with us and keep coming back. They simply feel safe because they know we care.